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Our Instructors


Robert Hodds aka Bob Sugar

Robert (who is also the owner od Dustdevils) has been riding bikes from the age of 10. Robert reports; ‘I have been riding bikes almost a whole life time. I don’t win an awful lot but I try hard to develop my skills and push myself each and every ride.That’s not to say I am a bad rider, I’m actually quite good but have never had the time or temperament to race. I have been riding Enduro in Spain for almost 15 years. I love the terrain, the weather, the people, the days and the nights’.
I have lived in this part of Spain for many years and am eager to help make your holiday experience something very special to remember.Just ask!


My mechanical and riding experience is always there and I am always willing to offer my knowledge and advice to any rider who should want it. We, as a company work hard to ensure that the bike you ride suits your style and is set up for a great experience.


Benjamin Hodds aka Ben 10

I am the youngest in the team (by a long way), the best looking and I should think the most talented! And easily the most modest! On a serious note, I was lucky enough to be part of the Dust Devils team from the onset. At the very beginning, sitting with a cold beer in a warm bar someplace in the Costa del Sol, me and my old man dreamed up the concept and ever since I have enjoyed being a part of what has become a fantastic family and the creation of something truly special.After climbing aboard my first bike at the age of 6 (Yamaha PW 80) I have competed in many events, in both Trials and Enduro and have enjoyed many strong results. The greatest enjoyments in my life, are either riding my KTM in Spain, meeting new customers or finding new ways to enjoy life, after all “we are here for a good time not a long time”.
Dawn till Dusk Enduro
Putolene Enduro Series
Yorkshire Enduro Series
France 4 Day trial
Spen Valley Trials/Horsforth Series
Yorkshire Centre ACU Trials/Enduro
North riding Trials/Enduro Series



Guides and Safety

Dust Devils Adventure Tours never compromise on safety. The needs of every rider are taken into account and everyday our team will run through a step-by-step briefing.

Briefing will communicate our strict safety policies and procedures and important information about the trails and expected rider behaviour. From knowledge about how to use your bike to what to expect on tour. Comfort, security and safety is paramount and only when all riders are happy do we commence the tour.

Our Guides have extensive knowledge of the trails and terrain visited. They will give constructive guidance on degree of difficulty. Alternative routes are always available so we never put riders in the position of being pressured into doing things they don’t wish to.

We have enough guides to break down groups into the appropriate experience levels. At Dust Devils personal safety is paramount but you will be pushed and challenged so prepare for your adrenalin to get pumping!