Rider safety and enjoyment is of paramount importance to us which is why KTM are the Dust Devils Adventure Tour bikes of choice

As the number one bike in the world for enduro, we have chosen the KTM exc – 125, 250 & 350 exc-f plus latest 250/300TPI 2 Strokes. Bikes are chosen for their ease and competency which is matched to the needs and abilities of every level of rider. We also have a number of bikes with specifically lowered seats allowing novice/female/shorter riders to gain confidence quickly. Whether you’re a world champion or a novice to biking, you will never be defeated by the bikes. Take a look at our gallery to see the look of the current bikes available. 




Rider equipment has been selected for its quality and durability. From the helmet to the boots you’ll have the right kit that not only looks good but does the right job to keep you safe and protected. All items are laundered after each departure. We also supply rain jackets if needed. Comfort as well as safety is a major factor when enjoying this experience, so if you have your own kit please feel free to bring it.

We use 2018 Lazer carbon lightweight helmets


We supply Krieger Camel Packs rucksacks for bottled fluids and small personal items but in the summer months you might consider bringing your own Camel Pack ruck sack or other fluid replacement system.

During the winter months of December to March riders might consider bringing their own jackets for those colder mountain routes.

We currently have our Dust Devils race shirts for sale, these come in two densities for winter and summer riding.

We have just added tee shirts and baseball caps to the items available