Enduro and Off-Road Training

Are you a first time motorcycle rider or looking to be the next enduro champion? Our team has years of experience riding and racing which is why we can offer off-road and enduro training days and packages to suit you.

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All of us who enjoy Off-Road Riding, know we could enjoy it even more, with better riding skills. Dust Devils Enduro and Off-Road training is aimed at enabling us to ride safely and quickly covering a variety of challenges and different types of terrain. 

Dust Devils is where your journey starts to become the next hard enduro pro or simply just to take your first steps into riding off-road! 

Do you want to climb killer hills, jump doubles, pop over logs or simply have great control riding through mixed terrain, then Dust Devils training is for you! We can offer bespoke enduro training for clubs, groups of friends or individuals. Great for those who may be preparing for a big event such as Red Bull Romaniacs.

Why we're Different?

Many training courses simply involve you turning up and being placed in a mixed group of ability, the trainer usually observes the group and determines a rough skill level for everyone, delivering the same training regardless of your individual skill level.

We don’t believe that is effective instruction for everyone, so we have developed our ‘Ride Better’ Program, taking all the best practises applied and used by top tier riders, applying these in a step by step, easy and fun learning program.


Our training is a documented, step by step approach to embed the key skills of bike control as second nature into daily riding.

At the start of your training journey you will receive the Dust Devils Enduro and Off-Road training logbook to keep a track of your skills and progress.

We want to make sure you get the basics right before progressing onto more advanced challenges!


09:15 - Arrive at Dust Devils  - register and get kitted up with safety and riding gear

09:45 - Set off either in 4x4 with bikes in trailer or ride directly to training ground (dependant on your licence and riding ability)

10:00 - Start riding at our training ground. The area has features to suit the skills you are learning. There's breaks and plenty of 1:1 time with your trainer who will demonstrate skills and give you their knowledge.

13:00 - Leisurely lunch to refuel the body and refocus the mind

14:00 - On to the adventure riding trials with your trainer leading. Stopping at certain features where you will be assessed for your competency and get a couple of those skills signed off on your log book!


  • One Trainer to a maximum of three trainees (One to One training can be offered)
  • A personal log book with over 24 skills to master - shows your progression
  • Defined criteria for assessing competency level for each skill - so you know what you have to do to succeed.
  • Planned groups - making sure you train with people at your own level
  • Training areas - A vast range of training areas - from flat and gentle trails to killer hill climbs, extreme enduro obstacles and motocross tracks - we have access to them all!
  • Very experienced and skilled trainers - From a background of Enduro championship riders to world stunt riders and local enduro experts. But being a good rider does not mean you are a good instructor. All our instructors have been ‘trained to train’ ensuring our communication is clear and you know what you are doing well and what you need to do to improve.

Upcoming Sessions

To find availability for upcoming training sessions please get in contact with us.

Got a question about our off-road training? Here are some frequently asked questions, if anything is missing, get in touch!

How often do you run training courses?

Dust devils advertise training days you can attend, but we are very flexible and will allocate a trainer for you on your requested dates where possible. Typically the average rider will master 2 - 4 skills per training day. We would advise a maximum of three days training in any one week. The training can be extended over long periods or even years, come when you have a weekend free or as part of your holiday.

Where are dust devils located?

We are based on the outskirts of Coín in Malaga province, Andalucia. Our address is: Parque Empresarial Nave 14, 29100, Coín, Málaga, Spain

Do I need to do the whole program?

No, we can tailor a programme to you to enable you to build on your skills. You are able to advance as far as you need on the training program.

I am an experienced rider, will I have to start at the basic level?

We don't want to teach experienced riders skills they already have, but we will ensure your riding fundamentals are solid before moving on to intermediate levels.

I don't think ive got enough riding experience to attend?

We disagree! All riders have to start somewhere, even the professionals were once beginners. We're confident we can teach you the basics and have fun doing it!

Will I need my own insurance incase of injury?

We strongly advise everyone taking part in our training to take out holiday insurance that will cover them in case of accident. Please make sure the insurance you have will cover you if you are injured while riding. Visit https://www.voyagertravelinsurance.co.uk/ to arrange cover.

I’m tall/ short/ large/ small. Do you have kit to fit me?

We are confident we will have kit that fits your size. However, if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us before you travel to check.

How do I pay?

Please refer to our Terms and conditions for deposit details. Please remember to make your final payment to Dust Devils SL in either cash (Euros) or by credit card. It may be worth informing your bank that you will be travelling in Spain to avoid your card being declined. It is better in every case to pay for your holiday in cash, as we cannot control your bank’s exchange rate.

Ready to ride?

Bikes, Beers and Sun! Join us at Dust Devils for some incredible Spanish trail riding on our fleet of KTM bikes