Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us to discuss further.

Booking Terms and Conditions

1. Bookings:

  • A deposit of 20% is required at the time of booking
  • 8 weeks before the tour, a further 40% of the whole booking is to be paid if accommodation is booked as part of the reservation
  • The remaining balance of is to be paid on the first morning of the tour upon arrival at Dust Devils HQ

2. Eligibility to Ride:

It is the client’s responsibility to provide evidence of a suitable licence category to ride a Motorcycle on an A2 or Full Licence. (Note: We do have 125cc EXC KTM’s to allow an adult with a full car driving licence to ride. This needs to be booked in advance as there is limited availability.)

3. Cancellation Policy:

Deposit refunds will not be given under any circumstances unless Dust Devils are at fault.

For exceptional circumstances, we may be able to change the date of your ride/tour to an available date within 12 months of your original booking date.  A minimum of 8 weeks notice prior to the original booked date is usually required.  In these circumstances, clients are reminded that variances between low season and high season rates may apply and require an additional payment.

Booking refund requests (less deposit) will be considered as follows; 

  • 8 weeks before the tour - 75% refund
  • 6 weeks before the tour - 50% refund
  • Below 6 weeks - no refund will be paid

It is advised that any booking is covered by appropriate cancellation insurance.

4. Accommodation:

All prices quoted are per person for a quality hotel, based on 2 sharing (larger rooms can be requested as required) 

Single room supplements will be applied (please call for details as we will negotiate the best price we can).

Transport to and from the hotel to the bike collection (Dust Devils HQ) are included within the tour price.

5.  Insurance:

DD Enduro Spain Tours SL holds third party liability insurance for on-road travel whilst using Dust Devils motorbikes, additional public liability insurance is also held. 

However, the client is strongly advised to purchase additional holiday insurance capable of providing adequate cover during engaging in, and on a supervised adventure holiday. It is also recommended that you obtain a valid EH1C European Health Card.

Most regular holiday insurance will not offer adequate cover for off-road adventure holidays for example they will only cover up to 125cc bikes (see policy for details in order to be sure). We highly recommend the use of Sports Trip (www.sportstrip.co.uk) as we believe they offer the most comprehensive policy at the best price. Full details and pricing can be found on the Sports Trip (www.sportstrip.co.uk) website.

A copy of our insurance cover and the terms and conditions contained within the policy documents are available upon request.

6. Risk and Danger:

The client must acknowledge the inherent risks and dangers on a Dust Devils tour and will ride entirely at their own risk.  DD Enduro Spain Tours SL. the company, its employees or any agent representing the company are not liable for accidents, damage, injury, personal loss, theft, or any inconvenience which is outside the company’s control i.e. civil war, weather, strikes, and acts of God etc. however so caused.

7. Safety Whilst Riding:

Any motorsport can be dangerous when abused. All clients will undertake a safety briefing around the motorcycles, the equipment, the environment and the tour itself.  The client will be required to sign a waiver to confirm their understanding.

Dust Devils tours and rides are not racing competitions and must not be treated as such. Dust Devils may run a competitive race but this will be announced as a RACE and should not be confused with a tour.  

8. Zero Tolerance - Drinking & Riding:

Dust Devils have a zero-tolerance policy towards drinking and riding for the safety and enjoyment of the whole group. We reserve the right to refuse your ride if we suspect any client of being intoxicated.   

No refund will be given in this case.

9. Abuse and Mutual Respect:

The client must respect that Dust Devils or any representative has the authority to dismiss any client to be found abusing the bikes, tracks, wildlife and instruction whilst under their control which could put themselves and others at risk. If the client leaves the ride of their own will or is dismissed through any of the above, DD Enduro Spain Tours SL will not be held liable for the client’s actions in any way.

10. Damage:

Although we accept that minor damage to bikes and equipment will occur, Dust Devils will make no charge in these cases (minor cosmetic damage and items such as leavers, exhausts, bars, plastics, footpegs, lights and such like). However, we reserve the right to charge for significant, persistent and/or wilful damage. We will also charge for the full cost of repairs and loss of revenue in the event that the client willfully refuses to behave or conduct themselves in a manner directed by the tour guide and as consequence damage to equipment and or machinery is caused.


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