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June 13, 2022

3 Best Motorcycle Routes In Spain (Malaga Province)

3 Best Motorcycle Routes In Spain (Malaga Province)

Spain is a renowned tourist destination, with its stunningly varied landscape and a plethora of attractions. However, what many people do not know is that it is also an excellent place to go motorcycle touring. In this blog post, we will look at three of the best motorcycle routes in Spain's Malaga province.

The scenery of the Malaga Mountains is stunning, and some of the best roads in Europe are found here. 

The motorcycle routes around Malaga will take you through tiny villages, along the Mediterranean coast, and past olive groves and vineyards. 

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1- Guaro to El Burgo

The climb from Guaro to Alhaurin El Grande and then on toward Alozaina, before ascending into the mountains above El Burgo, is one of the most popular motorcycle routes in Malaga. The road is in excellent condition and the scenery is simply stunning.

The route is full of mountainous twists just above Malaga's coastline. After that, the road descends into Ardales until entering the El Chorro Lake.

A short footbridge runs between two cliff faces hanging high beyond a gorge carved out by water erosion over time. The trip continues inwards passing through olive groves and pine forests.

2- Route through the mountains of Málaga (Most Loved Route)

The Mountains of Malaga are 5 Km north just outside the city. The mountains range from high peaks to low gorges between hills running parallel to the Mediterranean coast.

This route starts from Antequera, where you will get the chance to see a mountain called “Peña de los Enamorados”. Due to its original shape, it is called “The Head of the Indian”.

At the beginning of the descent to El Torcal, this route drives into the village of “Villanueva de la Concepcion” and takes the Casabermeja-Malaga crossing, and then continues to Casabermeja towards the original Cemetery of San Sebastian, declared a historical-artistic monument.

The next location is Colmenar, where through the A-7000 road you will enter the Natural Park of the Mountains of Malaga. This will take you right into the city centre of Malaga. This road segment offers steep slopes and hills all covered with pines.

You will arrive at the Puerto de León mountain pass, with a great view over the Mediterranean Sea. Near the viewpoint is the monumental Fuente de la Reina (The Fountain of the Queen), where you can make a quick stop to rest.

This route continues the descent through an area of steep curves before reaching the magic historical city centre of Malaga. Once you park your motorbike safely, you can walk through the beautiful streets of Malaga city centre.

3- Route through the Sierra de las Nieves

It is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Malaga, located between Marbella and Ronda. This zone has more than half a million olive trees and is home to the highest mountain in the province. The road offers beautiful panoramic views and is perfect for a day trip.

Because there are no highways leading into Sierra de las Nieves, you can only approach it from Marbella. As a result, you will have to begin your motorcycle journey from Marbella to Ojen. You will enjoy more curves as you climb the hills. This stretch of road is broad and gives breathtaking views of Ojen village.

In this route, you will reach Monda from Ojen and afterwards take a detour to El Burgo through Yunquera. This section appeals to motorcyclists because of the numerous slopes, turns, and, most notably, the traffic and congestion or lack thereof.

Finally, after the long journey of twisting roads and full of fun, you will arrive in Ronda. From this point, you may begin the descent towards the sea.  There is a whole route of tight curves with breathtaking views before you get to El Madroal, so make sure to take your time and enjoy the ride.

Summing up, these are the three most loved motorcycle routes in Malaga. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, make sure to add these to your bucket list and enjoy the rides and call into our HQ enroute to plan a trip or stop for a chat. 

Dust Devil offers a quality selection of off-road motorcycle routes in Malaga. 

We are passionate about motorcycling and we want to share our love for the sport with others. Our routes are designed to offer a variety of experiences, from easygoing coastal rides to challenging mountain routes.

We hope you enjoy your time in Malaga and that you have a great motorcycle adventure.

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