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January 14, 2021

5 Reasons To Book With Dust Devils

If you’re looking for an escape, you have come to the right place.  Sometimes it can be hard to put your phone or laptop down to completely disconnect on a holiday but Dust Devils won’t stand for that!  We will take you on an adventure through the rustic, wild and unspoilt terrain which won’t have you regretting leaving the hotel for a minute.

We'll show you a side of Southern Spain that you’ve never seen before. At Dust Devils, we provide professional guidance and the latest KTM motorbikes to allow you to explore breath-taking and refreshing countryside.

Read on to find out why you should book with Dust Devils!


Customer service with Dust Devils is easy.

You’re never going to be left listening to elevator music while waiting for the sweet relief of a human voice. As a family run business of 10 years, we’re always happy to welcome you in. That’s why you’ll always be met with a quick reply to any enquiry, and always from an accommodating voice.

And if calling is not your style, we endeavour to answer you promptly through our website chat, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. So, pop on over to our contact page, if you want to make life easy on yourself and book quickly. 


Don’t be fooled by the name, If it’s not safe, Dust Devils won’t do it! And you don’t just have to take my word for it. You also have the word of Junta de Andalucía. Who’s that? Only the regional government of Andalusia who presides over health and safety matters of the area. And before you say, “that’s no big deal,” consider the fact that most Andalusian trail riding or biking services don’t meet their high standards!


The word ‘safe’ does not mean we don’t have fun!!  From daily rides to multi-day tours, Dust Devils have it covered. A recent rider's return comments were ‘I have had the best day of my life’ ! Keep in mind that Dust Devils is founded by a family of passionate bikers with a support team of Mechanics and Guides working with us who are equally as passionate to make your riding experience, simply the best.  So, we understand all needs from beginners to the most advanced riders and have tailored our rides and tours to suit.

‍If you’re planning on riding as a family or group (listen up stags and hens!), there’s group offers available.  In addition, there are discount codes available and even seasonal pricing so sign up to our newsletter and check our social media accounts regularly for the latest offers.

So, come and join us, book early to get  your plans in place and you’ll be free to ride along to your heart's delight as you enjoy the picturesque scenes of Southern Spain around you.


Though Dust Devils offer lovely day rides, sometimes that’s just not enough to take in the many gorgeous and varied surroundings. Because of this, there are many packages on offer. If it’s a watery wonderland, you’re after? Why not try the El Chorro lakes package? 

Looking to live life on the edge? The Mountain Tour package might just be for you!

The Dual Adventure Tour offers a blend of authentic off-road and on-road experience that will take on a journey of all the twists and turns of southern Spain whilst showing you its spectacular beauty. And if you’re not so sure or just want to plan a ride to suit you and your group – talk to us and we will build a custom tour for you and with you!

A place to re-energise

Is there anything better than kicking back after a long day on the motorbike through the south of Spain? If you’ve replied, “sitting down afterwards,” then there’s something just for you. You see, Dust Devils operates mainly out of selected Malaga hotels – hotels that are known for their comfort and luxury. 

So, if you plan on relaxing  and resting your muscles in an air-conditioned room with a flat-screen TV, you can do that! Want to nip down to the bar or restaurant to refuel with a soothing drink or satisfying meal? You can do that also! And all with the peace-of-mind that your belongings are safely kept in hotel-offered safety deposit boxes.

And for those “you” days after your off road workout, there’s always the potential of a Spa Day at many of the hotels on hand, to work out any tension and get you feeling right as rain again.

As you can see, if you’re looking for an unrivalled off-road experience in the south of Spain, Dust Devils are your best bet, Even for the most advanced riders!   So, why not fill your holiday with memories that will last and book with Dust Devils?  You won’t break the bank and are guaranteed a great time! 

By heading over to our booking page you can select from our exciting range of tours and pick a date that suits you! Before you know it, you’ll be lapping up the Spanish countryside from the comfort of a motorbike and for over 300 days of the year, you should expect the added bonus of seeing the sun too!

Book now with Dust Devils 

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